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Identification, Analysis and Development of Business Opportunities for Solar Cooling Value Chains in Western Kenya


Research, Co-design, Prototyping, Business Design

Project Challenge:

How Might we develop viable business models for the provision of Solar Cooling Solutions in the agri-food Value Chain in Western Kenya

Project Brief:

One major challenge WE4F sought to address was the post-harvest losses in the agri-food value chain caused by a lack of adequate cold chain solutions, especially for the fish value chain, leading to loss of business opportunities and low income for the value chain actors and the community.

For context, the fishing industry contributes around 5% of Kenya’s GDP and supports the livelihoods of more than half a million people.  However, the growth of the industry – both wild capture and fish farming – is constrained partly by the lack of adequate cold chains, which limit earnings for value chain actors… 

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