Who We Are

MIDEVA Labs is a social-impact research, design and innovation consultancy collective that works across Africa. Through behavioural, human-centered design and community-powered approaches, we support teams and organizations to tackle complex challenges to create lasting impact. Through our initiatives, we are redefining what’s possible, and building a desired future, powered by research, innovation and community collaboration.

Our Guiding Principles

We think of people first

Our value manifests as we co-create ideas and solutions that are grounded in sustainable innovation, research and human-centered design. All with real business and community needs at heart.

We Act with Intentionality

We make informed decisions about the people we bring on board to be part of the collective, the projects we take on and the organizations we collaborate with. We are committed to nurturing a learning and growth mindset for our collective by co-creating the needed tools and environment for us to work and grow together.

Locally Rooted, Globally Connected

We are intentional in bringing local context and perspective to the work we do. Through our collective, we work with local experts who bring local lived experience as well as global inspiration. This allows us to be fully immersed in the work we do. Our regional and global teams bring inspiration, ideas for collaboration and new perspectives that allow us to scale the work we do across regions.

We Try, Learn, Share and Repeat

We evolve based on the needs of those that we serve. We are constantly designing for adaptations by being dynamic, agile and able to explore new and radical ways of delivering value-based solutions and impact in our work. We then take these solutions and systematically develop and de-risk them over time.

We Practice Co-creation, Collaborations and Partnerships

Coming up with innovative, sustainable and impactful solutions is possible, only when we leverage on well thought-out collaborations throughout the innovation process. Through co-design and co-creation with the stakeholders, our work goes beyond a project lifecycle to initiatives that are sustainable and community-powered

We Invest in Building Authentic Communities

The value within our community is a direct reflection of the value of the work we do. We are intentional in designing and building authentic impactful communities that provide a sense of belonging, ownership and excitement for our diverse stakeholders.

What we believe in

At MIDEVA, we believe that lasting impact is achieved through shared vision,  intentional collaboration, and putting people and communities first.

Our vision is to shape a future where innovation put people first, and where businesses, communities and societies thrive in sustainable, impactful and inclusive ways.

As a team, we

  • Act boldly and with accountability
  • Listen curiously and act honestly
  • Collaborate, experiment and inspire others to take action
  • Act with integrity and groundedness

Ethical Practices and Safeguarding

MIDEVA is committed to the highest ethical standards in how we work internally, how we relate with stakeholders and how we exist on the planet. We are constantly reviewing our biases, and reflecting on our actions to ensure we create safe spaces and a supporting and thriving environment for our team and stakeholders while adhering to best practices, and legal provisions and staying aligned with our vision. See some of our commitments here:

Have questions or need further clarity or have more suggestions? Please share them with us at people@mideva.co or safeguarding@mideva.co