We are an innovation & co-creation lab and a startup studio

We catalyze and help bring to life innovative solutions that addresses today’s real business and society needs as well as invest in exceptional talent to launch and build new ventures.

We enable organizations concept  new products, services and programs through a human-centered approach. We facilitate design thinking workshops, design sprints and run innovation challenges

Our Startup Studio identifies, trains and invests in ambitious founders and problem solvers to co-build ventures for the future.

We're human-centered
We embrace ambiguity
We make things happen


DESign Thinking Workshops

We design, develop and facilitate customized workshops and training programs that focus on learning and applying Designing Thinking for organizations, teams and institutions.

Innovation Workshops

We introduce innovation habits to teams by providing tailored training sessions and workshops. The workshops are meant to ignite entrepreneurial thinking and problem solving among teams.

Hackathons & Meetups

We help unlock bold ideas that help address the biggest businenss and societal challenges from unlikey sources by running hackathons, meetups, ideathons, make-a-thons and challenge weekends.

Solve4Work (Student Labs)

Solve4work is a trusted platform for students across fields to gain real work experience, learn 21st century skills and connect with potential employers. Through the platform, student tackle real business and social challenges.

Innovation Consulting

Mideva Consulting provides bespoke innovation consulting services that address organization’s specific needs including design/innovation reseacrh, ideation, concept validation, prototyping, testing and strategy.

Innovation Challenges

We design and run design innovation challenges as a way of binging together challenge owners, sponsors, innovators, incubators, accelerators, facilitators, mentors and investors in supporting ground up innovation for real challenges.

We Work With

Student & Graduates

We bring together students and graduates from diverse skillsets to collaboratively design solutions to the biggest local and global challenges. Over time, our goal is to create the next generation of innovators and problem solvers.


We collaborate with schools, NGOs and other institutions in introducing design thinking to learners and educators. Learners can also participate in our innovation challenges and fellowship program.


We tailor-make innovation workshops and trainings for companies to kick-start innovation at the work place and unlock potential in their teams and fuel innovation. Companies can also tap into our platform to run open innovation challenges.


We work with challenge sponsors and other leading organizations in designing, running and managing innovation challenges. Funders can use our platform to identify and invest in the best innovations tackling real challenges.

Get Started With Us

From conducting Design Thinking Workshops and Design Sprints, to empowering your teams to innovate and collaborate better, we are enabling organizations achieve their full potential.

Let us know about your organization and we will get started right away.