Who We Are

We’re a vast and diverse team – designers, engineers, entrepreneurs, growth-hackers, industry consultants, design thinking experts, thinkers, graduates from accross fields and innovators – and we all bring different perspectives and lots of passion to our work.

We enjoy the benefit of working in tight-knit, emphathetic teams. Mideva Labs offers a well-balanced, holistic approach to work, community, and environment, with many opportunities to learn and play together.

Catherine ChuagaLead Consultant
Head of Strategy, Mideva Labs

A seasoned professional in Business Strategy and Project Management. Also a Design Thinking expert and facilitator.

Isaac JumbaLead Consultant
Founder, Mideva Labs

A startup enthusiast excited about open innovation, collaboration and impact. A Design Thinking expert and facilitator.

Emma KimaniCo-creator, Mideva Labs
Design Thinking Expert

A YALI fellow enthusiastic about the digital disruption and transformation in Africa. A polymath, business analyst and research expert

Dr. Kendi MuchingiDesign Thinking Consultant
Design Thinking Expert

A Programme Leader; Computer Science and BIT at Africa Nazarene University, co-founder of Nikola Energy and a Design Thinking expert.

Winnie AkokoDesign Thinking Consultant
Community Organizer at Mideva Labs

Expertise in sales, marketing, customer experience, corporate training, human cetered design and event organizing.

Wangu MwendaDesign Thinking Consultant
UX researcher at Quantum Fig

An experienced Design Thinking faciliator who has worked in the strtup scene for 3+ years. Currently studying Mobile Applications and Game Design at ADMI.