Mideva Labs Startup Studio

The Idea Studio is a 15-week venture creation and building fellowship program for young individuals that are looking to:

1. Start and grow new ventures
2. Join/work for startups or SMEs
3. Gain hands-on/practical entrepreneurial and leadership skills to start a venture in the near future

The fellowship program invests time and resources in Kenya’s most talented and ambitious young individuals – helping them scope opportunities, find co-founders, develop an idea and start and grow new ventures.

Our focus is on opportunity scoping, ideation, prototyping, and launch, with the goal of creating an exceptional startup talent pool and new ventures.

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Overview of the Startup Studio

The Mideva Labs’ Idea Studio is a venture builder program designed for recent graduates and young entrepreneurs looking to create and launch new ventures. The fellowship program selects, trains, and invests in a high-potential talent pool of entrepreneurs looking to create new ventures or looking to work in a fast-paced entrepreneurial ecosystem. As part of the program, you will learn & apply entrepreneurial leadership, work as teams to identify opportunities or work on suggested opportunities, validate ideas, design and build a business, pitch your business for support/investment, and access a talent pool to help grow your venture.

The fellowship program entails:

  • Facilitated experiential/hands-on sessions
  • Guiding workbooks and worksheets –
  • Venture-based learning (working on your venture real-time) –
  • Immersive sessions with existing business –
  • Venture expert support (legal, finance, branding, pitching, and more)
  • Bespoke mentorship

Each fellowship period, we select 2 cohorts of a total of 40 founders; (50% female) to join our founder-in-training program for 15 weeks. The program focuses on the art of leadership and communication, scoping opportunities, finding the right co-founder, and developing and validating your idea.


  • Each cohort we expect to launch and support at least 8 new ventures through our Startup Studio. The post-program support enables you to grow your newly founded venture, together with your newfound co-founders, with advisory & accelerated funding
  • For our program graduates looking to gain experience working with ventures aligned to their interests, we provide the top 30% of the cohort 3-month paid work placement working for ventures in the Mideva startup ecosystem.

Our founders have passion and grit, are hungry and daring to innovate, and excited to be hands-on.

We are looking for exceptional talent and visionaries, to join us for our founder-in-training program starting May 2021.

Applications & Selection

To be part of the Startup Studio, future founders have to apply. This is then followed by a phone call and in-person conversation for shortlisted applicants, to test for edge, drive, grit, and personality.

Kick Off & Execution

Once accepted to the program, founders-in-training go through a 15-week intensive program, divided into three parts, discovery/exploration, execution and reflection

Launch & Transition

The top new teams and ventures access acceleration support to build their new ventures. Also, the top talent looking for startup experience is absorbed into a 3-month paid startup internship

Work Together With US

The Idea Studio enables organizations to rapidly envision, validate and launch new ventures that address today’s biggest business challenges by leveraging our top-notch entrepreneurial talent.

We collaborate with organizations and individuals in designing challenges  and opportunity areas for our founders-in-training can explore so as to build and validate ideas into new ventures.

We are also excited to partner with organizations providing funding to run specific design and innovation challenges.

Let us know how we can work together.