Mideva Labs Startup Studio

The Startup Studio is designed for young entrepreneurs to create and launch new ventures.

We invest time and resources in Kenya’s most talented and ambitious young individuals – helping them scope opportunities, find co-founders, develop an idea and start and grow new companies.

Our focus is on opportunity scoping, ideation, prototyping and launch, with the goal of creating an exceptional startup talent pool.

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Overview of the Startup Studio

The Mideva Labs’ Idea Startup Studio is a venture builder program designed for recent graduates and young entrepreneurs looking to create and launch new ventures. The program identifies, trains and invests in the next generation talent pool of entrepreneurs and problem solvers so as to create viable sustainable ventures that address our continent’s biggest challenges.

Right now, Africa’s most ambitious talent (young people), are held back by corporate convention, and the securities  and comfort that come with it, and yet Africa is home to unlimited opportunities  as a result of pressing challenges that need solutions. With the current realities and needs of life, these ambitious minds have a limit on what they can achieve, and how fast. We exist to eliminate the risks, provide pathways for full-potential realization and create wealth for communities.

Through the Startup Studio, we make it possible for young entrepreneurs to meet co-founders, tackle real challenges, and focus their energy on creating viable businesses. The goal is to invest in talent first, who will in turn invest in other talent, making entrepreneurship a viable and rewarding career choice for young people.

Each year we select 24 founders (50% female) to join our founder-in-training program for 9 -12 months. The first part of the program (3 months) focuses the art of leadership and communication, scoping opportunities, finding the right co-founder and developing and validating your idea. The second part of the program enables you grow your new founded venture, together with your new found co-founders, with investment from us.

Each year we are launching at least 8 new ventures through our Startup Studio and employing at least 40 young people.

Our founders have passion and grit, are hungry and daring to innovate and excited to be hands-on.

We are looking for exceptional talent and visionaries, to join us for our inaugural founder-in-training program starting April 2020.

Applications & Selection

To be part of the Startup Studio, future founders have to apply. This is then followed by a phone call and in-person conversation for shortlisted applicants, to test for edge, drive, grit and personality.

Kick Off & Execution

Once accepted to the program, founders-in-training go through a 9-month intensive program, divided into two parts, discovery and execution where you get to find co-founders and develop validated ideas

Launch & Transition

Teams access pre-acceleration investment to build their new ventures. The program ends with founders pitching their ventures for follow-up investment  as well as continue receiving expert support.

Work Together With US

The Startup Studio enables organizations to rapidly envision, validate and launch new ventures that address today’s biggest business challenges by leveraging our top-notch entrepreneurial talent.

We collaborate with organizations and individuals in designing challenges  and opportunity areas for our founders-in-training can explore so as to build and validate ideas into new ventures.

We are also excited to partner with organizations providing funding to run specific design and innovation challenges.

Let us know how we can work together.