Creating Possibilties

Diverse student teams work collaboratively with local businesses and local communities in designing solutions to local challenges, there by gaining real-world experience

A one-to-three months collaborative challenge that focusses on solving specific challenges for local organizations

Participants collaborate to contribute, refine and prototype solutions which are later adopted by the organizations.

Through the challenge, we are matching the right talent to the right organizations. We are creating a generation that is empowered, innovative, creative, collaborative and full of empathy.

Businesses and organizations are invited to submit their business problems. Hubs are created to tackle the challenges. Outstanding teams and solutions are taken up.

Our Innovators are skilled graduates from diverse backgrounds, and have been trained on problem solving

Our vast and varied group—entrepreneurs, innovators, consultants, experts, facilitators bring different perspectives to your challenges.

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How might we better equip Kenyans to make informed decisions during the elections?



Design4Election is a design challenge by Mideva Labs that brings together young innovative teams from across field for a two day make-athon workshop with the purpose of developing and presenting working solutions that will empower Kenyans to stay informed and actively engaged as we approach the August General Elections.

What Ideas are we looking for?

During this challenge, we’re excited to see ideas that:
1. Get creative in thinking about the various modes through which information could be availed to voters
2. Rethink the way civic education can be done
3. Consider accessibility across a broad and diverse spectrum of voters


How might we create healthy communities within and beyond the workplace? (Inspired by OpenIDEO)



Our daily lives – what we eat, how we travel, how we look after ourselves and especially our work – can have a profound effect on our own health and wellness, and that of the people around us.

What are we looking for?

With your help, we’re interested in creating solutions that enable people make healthier choices at work and in life. From raising awareness, inspiring behaviour change or leveraging our co-worker and community relationships to catalyse broader health and wellness impacts, we’re eager to explore solutions together.

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