Entrepreneurship Training

Time to bring your IDEA to life, with our hands-on entrepreneurship training

Whether you are just beginning or already have a business that is running, the “FROM IDEA TO BUSINESS” is a hands-on training workshop that will propel your business to the next level. Meet co-founders and get to learn the dynamics of building and scaling your business and finally launch your business to the world

What We cover in the Startup Masterclass

Building a Personal Brand

Focuses on creating a personal brand both online and offline and personal development

Idea Creation & Validation

Workshop on coming up with great ideas, validating the ideas and value proposition

Prototyping and Design

Workshop on building basic models/prototypes for your idea, testing the basic product and getting user feedback

Business Modelling

Workshop on Value Proposition, Customer Segment, Revenue Model, Market Sizing, Customer Acquisition, Competitor Analysis and Strategy

Startup Team Dynamics

Workshop on startup team formation, communication, startup roles, co-founder agreements and startup culture

Branding and Communication

Workshop on Brand Design, Brand Messaging, Story Boards, Launch Pages, Press, Web Copy and Internal Communication Tools

Startup Financing and Legal

Workshop on Financial Model, Funding, Shareholding, Term Sheets and Startup Legal

Pitching and Investment

Workshops covering types of Pitches; Investor Pitches, Elevator Pitches, Social Impact Pitches, Pitch Deck Design and Story, Demo Pitches and Storytelling.

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Every Saturday, 9.30 am - 3.00 pm



A hands-on entrepreneurship trainingworkshop sessions with the goal of help you solidify and test your business idea with the end goal of launching your business. The workshop is targeted to teams or individuals who just have an idea or have started working on an idea.

What to Expect

The masterclass covers workshops from how to come up with ideas to solidfying your ideas into INVESTOR READY businesses. You will be able to craft a value proposition, build a business model, create a final model, understand your target market and create an investor and sales pitch for your customers. You will also learn about branding, team formation and financing.
The cost for the 1 month workshop is Kes. 8,000/= per person

Advanced Masterclass

For teams already working on an idea

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Personalized and customized workshops for teams already working on an idea. The workshops are specific to the team's needs and are aimed at helping the team meet certain targets such as sales, number of users, product and funding

What to Expect

The workshop aims at scaling businesses and growing teams.